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Join Kora and a crew of quirky underwater allies—from the cutest sea snails to the most mysterious deep-sea dwellers—as they navigate thrilling seas, dodge the dangerous drifts, and face fearsome foes.

Our Creative Journey

Creatively Free Studios, situated in Colorado, is a bustling hub of creativity for kids worlds, and the birthplace of the enchanting Kora Kelly Graphic Novel Glimmer Series.

Whether we are creating Fairy Godmother Comedy or imagining new worlds, you can expect to open kids (from 1-99 years old) hearts to possibility and magic!

Share this free coloring page with your kids to celebrate the launch of the Kora Kelly & the Life Keeper!

What makes us unique?

Immerse in enchanting stories and vibrant animations crafted to ignite youthful imaginations while showcasing some of the largest challenges of our time in a way that is accessible such as ocean conservation or how to relate to your emotions.

Imaginative Storytelling

We specialize in captivating narratives that transport viewers to magical realms full of awe and wonder while also having deeper messages that align young audiences towards care and curiousity for our planet.

Vibrant Animations

Our team of visionary animators breathe life into stories with stunning visuals that leave a lasting impact.

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