We make magical children’s worlds.

With a team of visionary storytellers and animators, the studio specializes in bringing children’s worlds to life through captivating Graphic Novels, Animated Shorts, and TV Shows.

Driven by a passion for innovative and heartwarming storytelling, Creatively Free Studios follows a core set of principles that infuse each creation with imagination and wonder.

The studio is leading destination for anyone seeking immersive storytelling experiences that transport them to magical realms.

Learn more about the founder, Ariel Grace.

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Our Core Values

Discover the guiding principles that fuel our dedication to enchanting storytelling and creative excellence.


At the core of our creations lies boundless imagination, driving us to craft enchanting worlds and characters that captivate audiences young and old.


We push boundaries and challenge norms to deliver fresh and dynamic storytelling, leveraging innovative techniques to engage and inspire.


Infusing every project with a sense of wonder, we aim to evoke the magic of childhood and create timeless stories that resonate with hearts and minds.

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