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Your kids will love this original handmade watercolor world and playful graphic novel with an ocean conservation theme!

Kora, a tiny but tenacious Lumin, is on a splashy mission to mend the ties between the ocean realm and the human world. Lumins, like Kora, are the secret keepers of the sea, once delivering shimmering sea glass treasures to the shores for humans to find. But when Sarwen, the cranky crab, decides to clean up the ocean’s edge, tired of human trash, the magical exchange comes to a halt.

Join Kora and a crew of quirky underwater allies from the cutest sea snails to the most mysterious deep-sea dwellers as they navigate thrilling seas, dodge the dangerous drifts, and face fearsome foes. Can Kora outsmart Sarwen and bring back the balance? Will the sea glass sparkle on the sandy beaches once more?

Grab your snorkels and prepare for an underwater adventure full of twists, turns, and tidal waves.

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